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two sides of the same coin


Life of a mangaka


i am very convinced that sakura likes the wrong person. i mean. look at this




that’s a blonde mikoshiba. that’s mikorin. mikochiyo is real. if you don’t see it pls go. bye.

My turn! My turn!


christ, just look at him, sources are saying


you know what I do when I don’t like a character?

  • I don’t talk about them.
  • I don’t go into their tag.
  • If I see an edit of them, I ignore it.
  • I may even blacklist their name if the dislike is strong enough.

you know what I don’t do when I don’t like a character?

  • go in their tag
  • reblog edits of them just to complain
  • make posts about them
  • in general, I don’t waste my time and breath on them

it’s….it’s a remarkably simple concept

it makes life a whole lot nicer

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